Pre-Order items are items you pay for upfront in full (just like you buying an item off the site) when placing an order but the item is NOT yet in stock.

      Each pre-order will have a deadline date in the description that you have to order by in order to be guaranteed to get that item.

      Why do we do pre-orders you might ask? We do them because it's a way our customers are guaranteed to get that item they want. Sometimes when we order items customers don't see them in time before they are sold out. We also do them because sometimes the vendors have not yet released the items til a specific date giving business owners a chance to get all their orders in before sold out.

      How do I know if an item is a Pre-order? All our pre-order items are located in the pre-order collection and each pre-order item will have "This is a Pre-Order" in the description of the item.

      Why did you tell us all this? We love and appreciate each one of our customers. We strive to give the best customer service possible. Therefore, we are transparent about everything.  We NEVER want anyone to have any doubts when placing an order with us.


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